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ISSUE #601   OCTOBER 2011
by Mark S. Tucker,
provocateur, hector
“Have pen, will poison.”


Slice, dice, saute, braise, cook over high heat, serve with toxic garni, shake vigorously, then throw in the trash. (<– The V.V. formula for analysis of the Right and of fake Lefties.)

Fuck entropy.

While it is not true that all conservatives
are stupid people…it is true that most
stupid people are conservative.
– John Stuart Mill –

Few men are willing to brave the disapproval of their fellows, the censure of their colleagues, the wrath of their society. Moral courage is a rarer commodity than bravery in battle or great intelligence. Yet it is the one essential vital quality for those who seek to change a world which yields most painfully to change.
– Robert F. Kennedy –

Social-lites receive awards from groups because of their activism;
Socialists get expelled from groups because of their activism.
– Mike Alewitz –

Up yours. Up mine. But, up everybody’s? That takes time! – 10CC –

The German Conservative Party is to the left of the American Democratic Party. – Steven Hill –

Truth offends worse than falsehood. – Jack Vance –

I’m on the right side with the wrong people. – Ian Masters –

All I have is a voice / To undo the folded lie. – W.H. Auden –

Everyone lies. – Gregory House –



With the intestines of the last priest, let us strangle the last businessman.

When you see the mouth of a conservative, Republican, businessman, priest, or politician open, what you’re hearing are lies.

Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups. In fact, never underestimate the stupidity of ANY group.


The two irreducible basics of Leftism: 1) No religion, 2) No capitalism. Lacking conviction in those, you can’t possibly be a Leftie. End of story.


THIS ISSUE: I’m interrupting the Health series for two issues. The reason is self-explanatory, as are the times.


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History is on our side but not time. – Malik Sekou Osei –


Wanna Buy a Brooklyn Bridge? No??? How About Mohawk Valley Then?
by Mark S. Tucker

Care to see how the Democrats and “Left” start doing the bidding of The Master? Read AlterNet’s ” ‘These Cops were on our Side’: Report from AlterNet Staffer Arrested on Brooklyn Bridge” by Krysten Gwynne, bubblehead. An obvious OpEdNews-style staff fob job by a weekend warrior yuppette looking to “keep it real, bruthuh”, AlterNet’s playing the game. Really, read the piece (I didn’t include the linkbecause it’s so damn long it expands the V.V.parameters and makes the issue a pain in the ass to read), then take a look at that title again. Peruse the words themselves. What do you suppose the tone of the article might be?

This is a lesson in Rhetoric…

…and a report on the “Left”.

Anyone with an ounce of brains first must think “Hey, maybe it’s not as bad as I think it is!” There’s no choice about that, the wording was designed that way to lead to that conclusion (unless you’re more realistic or a cynic and think “Wait a minute…this totally conflicts with what I’ve seen, heard, and know!”, thus ducking the mindfuck). That’s why the clause “These cops were on our side” was placed first. Think not? Let’s turn it around. Read the title this way now (and I’ll not edit a single word out):

“Arrested on Brooklyn Bridge, from AlterNet Staffer: ‘These Cops were on our Side’ ”

…with the negative verb “arrested” up front, as it sanely should be. What’s your take now? Yeah, what it should be: “This reporter’s an idiot!” or “Huh? Not TOO confusing, AlterNet!”. Keep that element of confusion well in mind. New question: Does this new arrangement place emphasis properly? It does, though I’d never run with that hideous headline in either version, especially after you read the article.

As I say, the writer is a treacly, dippy, happy-go-lucky, oooo-this-is-fun! OEN kinda writer, an eedgily-squeedgily lubricious lackey looking to make points with da boss and “be in on something cutting edge, man!”. The alleged scribe is trying her best to spin the event in playground, recess, vacation tones…………but she can’t. Not really. There’s too much negative about the event – well, of course: it’s a protest!, and one does not protest positive things – and the piece, despite itself and the writer, is a laundry list of gloom, pissed-offedness, desperation, and impending disaster. How could it be otherwise? IT’S A PROTEST AGAINST CORPORATE INSANITY! (<– redundancy)

Now, I knew from the millisecond I read that title – purposely placed as the lead entry, btw – exactly what AN was doing, but let’s say I didn’t. What would be my response as I read? It’d be something like “Hmmm, I was hoping to find that things are better than I’ve been told, but this doesn’t really say that. In fact, I feel like not only is the lead-in blazon deceptive but also that the writer was the wrong one for the job … unless one wants reportage from a deer in headlights”.

What the headline refers to is: after the police infiltrated the crowd, after the police herded the crowd, after the police arrested the crowd, after the police incarcerated the crowd, and while the police were busy holding and processing the crowd, salivating at the prospect of the tons of fine and bail monies from the crowd, a few of them were playing a round of good cop / bad cop, and this idiotesse writer fell bricks and stones for it.

Read the article again. It’s a catalogue of bad news, yet how does AlterNet head it up? “These Cops are on Our Side” my ass. These cops, lady, stood by and did nothing while you were hoodwinked. These cops were in on the scam from the start, ma’am. These cops are yanking your ignorant ass from post to pillar, Ms. These cops, little one, are the side of the story you never for a second imagine exists as your accommodationist “news” rag uses you as pawn. Who the fuck did you work for previously? Rob Kall?

That blazon should never have existed. Any editor knowing a noun from a verb, any editor with Brain One, any editor not holding a very obvious agenda would never, not in a million years, headline it that way. In other words, AlterNet was pulling a con job. Not a big one. You don’t start out *that* obviously. No, you first sidle in and then enlarge your presence and influence, pleasing The Masters, ensuring continued existence, placing personal job security under glass.

What didn’t AlterNet do? It didn’t do the obvious: it didn’t ask who herded those kids onto the Brooklyn Bridge. It didn’t ask whether the protesters had been infiltrated. It didn’t ask how the cops had so many paddy wagons on the other side of the Bridge, somehow instantly ready to haul away 700 peacefully protesting people. It didn’t do anything even vaguely resembling investigation. It’ll wait for someone else to do that, all the while hoping it won’t arise at all, and then follow behind but make it look like it’s out in front. See why I’m attacking journalists – ALL journalists – now? Wanna see how else the “Left” compromises any threat to the status quo in like fashion?

On this same day, 10/3/11, on the Randi Rhodes Show, early in the show, Warhawk Rhodes is telling us she wants to replace the sobriquet of ‘The 99ers’ to ‘The Zeroes’, because, she explains, that number better represents “what we got”: zero pay increases, zero benefits, zero anything. Hmmmm…hmmmm…hm…hey Ran! Aren’tcha forgetting that you many many many times use that term, ‘zero’, and constantly in its pejorative sense? Don’tcha? Aren’tcha? I mean…do you really not know what you’re suggesting here? And, hey, what’s with the “I Love Obama” poster and pom-poms over in the corner of the studio? You sellin’ em?

Randi knows exactly what she’s doing because she was told to do it…or possibly she devised it on her own to please handlers (c’mon, are ya still believing her nonsense that she’s a lone gun, a hot pistol, controlled by no one?; grow the fuck up). In any case, she’s cocking an eye towards The Masters’ domain. That’s what she’s there for. Her sucking up to the Clintons, you may have noticed, backfired horribly when she finally understood what monsters they were, people sufficiently lunatic to forget her services to them and leave her with bupkiss. So she switched publicly to Obama, having been promised certain things by insiders and peripherals, making the Clintons were free to show their hand, which they did, leaving La Rhodes temporarily bereft of job and never again to make in the constantly increasing six figures.

It’s rough being a lackey, and all of them are lackeys – Malloy, Hartmann, Rhodes, Schultz, Maddow, Friedman, Reagan Jr. (*snort!*), Maher, etc. –  but at least we know what to expect…but, hm, let’s hitch a ride in the Wayback Machine, shall we? It’ll provide better context.


NEXT: Part 2.


The priest tight-fisted with his money and the philosopher tight-fisted with his discoveries are both stealing from the poor. What is more, I think discoveries are only valuable and secure when they circulate among the general mass of people; I am impatient to take them there.   -Diderot-


…you will learn a little of its nature. You’ll feel the rot of it, the leprosy that will not be stamped out, and you’ll see that its face is always respectability. – R.A. Lafferty –


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Mark S. Tucker is a writer, editor, graphic artist, Commercial Jetliner Systems Analyst (747), martial arts quasi-trainer, paralegal, and holistic medicine interne-practitioner, among myriad other pursuits. He’s been published nationally in i/e, Progression, Expose, Sound Choice, E/I (founding co-editor), OPtion, Signal to Noise, Camera Obscura, and other magazines. On the Net, he intermittently critiques music and conducts musician interviews for Perfect Sound Forever and reviews CDs for the Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange (FAME) and The Buzz About. As well as being a decade-long past member of Rowrbrazzle, a cartoonists / animators / writers society, he was also published at – a sickness, granted, but he’s now better, though his 116 articles there were destroyed by the publisher, Rightie-in-hiding Rob Kall. Nonetheless, thousands of his articles and reviews have appeared over the last two decades, often formulated to piss someone off……….you, perhaps?

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