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I had a secret desire to own the 6th gen iPod nano ever since I saw Steve suggest wearing it as a watch. And now thanks Apple, I have one!

When I bought my first MacBook it came with of first gen iPod nano, with 2 GB, fast-forward to 2011 and Apple has to replace the batteries because they have this tendency to explode. So since I didn’t want mine to blow up, I sent it in worried that I wouldn’t get the first gen back. I kind of thought of it as a collectors piece. But then I started reading that they were replacing them with the six generation nano, and I was one of those lucky ones. So I ran out and pick up picked up the hex watchband. And I love it!

I even have GhostArmor to protect it and I really like it, with it’s built-in step counter, the radio with TiVo like features, and my music. The nano itself is so light I can barely tell what I have it clipped on. I say 95% of the weight is in the watchband, which is okay it gives it a solid feel. I also like that the nano clips into the band securely and is still completely accessible.

So I could be super nerdy, and have the nano set up as a flash drive, and connect the 30pin connector to the USB into my computer, while it’s on my wrist.

The total cost to do something like this is over $200, and not something I would normally do. In fact I didn’t do it, since I did get the nano as a replacement. But for a watch that feels this solid, had 18 different faces, and hopefully the ability to get more, I say it’s a pretty good deal at $200.

I can totally see, in a future generation, where the nano will be able to connect to the iPhone, and you’ll be entered able to interface between the two. Imagine caller ID on your wrist, or using it as a speakerphone and send commands to Siri.

And remember the nano has the motion sensor to track your steps and activity, and if it could relay that back to the phone, it could then send it up to you the Nike website and your profile is updated.

Or it’s great to plug the headphones into the nano through your sleeve, so that gives you a nice connection that out-of-the-way you can play the music on your iPod nano, and then if a call comes into your phone you could pause the music and give you the information, plus a screen to accept or deny.

The possibilities are virtually endless.

*** UPDATE ***
Looks like Casio has the though process going!

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