More Tablet Price Cuts

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Looks like Sony and RIM are both in the Tablet price cutting game.  Sony is dropping the Tablet S by $100 and RIM is dropping the PlayBook by as much as $400.

My gut tells me this is too little too late, they are still missing the point.  RIM Playbook still doesn’t have native Email and won’t until maybe next month, not to mention little to no Apps in the ecosystem.  I know there was talks about the Playbook being able to run Android Apps but I haven’t heard much on that front.

Sony on the other hand has a different issue to deal with, while they do have the Apps and the Android Market on it’s side, it doesn’t have the complete seamless eco system (ironically considering they own a ton of content) that both Amazon and Apple have.

The Sony Tablet is now starting at $399 and the RIM Playbook at $299.  Both of these tablets are still coming in higher than the Kindle Fire’s $199, is it enough to tip you over the edge into purchasing it?

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