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Rick, Do You Have a Problem with Women?

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(CNN) – Rick Santorum said Thursday that arguments against a recent federal law requiring health insurance coverage for contraception were not ignoring the rights of women.

“It’s the churches’ money, and forcing them to do something that they think is a grievous moral wrong, how can that be the right of a woman?” Santorum asked in an interview on CNN’s “John King USA.”

“That has nothing to do with the right of a woman,” Santorum continued. “This has to do with the right of a church not to spend their moral resources in a way that’s inconsistent with their faith and this is not a casually held position, this is something that is serious. We’re not talking about denying women the access to contraception, they can go and get it, but we’re talking about having a church of which they happen to chose to work for and they know their position in working for them, you’re now forcing them as a condition of employing people to pay for something that again is a grievous moral wrong.”

The law would require religious institutions like hospitals and schools to provide health insurance coverage for contraception, but churches would be exempt.

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