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Harrison’s Found a Way to Convert Vid/Aud Sessions Between Diff Softwares!

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Finally, after years of learning one editing software and building hundreds of sessions on that platform-knowing you’d have to start from scratch an another software because you can’t import or export Final Cut Pro into Sony Vegas… or Cool Edit Pro/adobe Audition into Pro Tools….

I can tell you, I started my radio production in the late 90’s on Sony Vegas (still first rate software–a combo of Pro Tools AND Final Cut Pro in one software)–but Windows-based, since Sony is competing with Apple. As a long term Mac guy, I’ve been having to fire up the Diesel generators and run bulky Windows 7 on my Mac on order to simply to use a single program, Vegas Pro. Why? I have 2 decades of proprietary sessions stuck, stranded, abandoned in that format. We’re talking about sweepers, jingles, show opens, interviews, etc. Most of my basic production elements were created on Vegas, including all the compression, sweetening, key framing, an on and on. You can probably relate.

This means that years of meticulously edited and sculpted sessions no longer sit on my hard drive folder, impotently tied to a specific software choice. Our chums, down under, have cleverly written a software that allows you to take a Pro Tools session, for instance, and convert it into something importable by another audio editing software. And likewise, with video sessions FCP, Sony Vegas, Premiere, etc., into each other! Yep.

Think about it. Many of us have switched from PC to Mac and have a life’s worth of incredible production (including embedded media clips) stuck in a long-abandoned format, say when Pro Tools rans on Windows 98 or Cubase and Cakewalk saved in their own format, only.

Here it is: Not only can you swiftly convert virtually all aspects of an old session into an appropriate ready-to-edit format on most audio/video softwares of your choice, but you original archives will remain untouched. Important to equally note, while I’m focusing on “old” sessions, current sessions are instantly convertible, too.

We can thank our Australian friends who have upped our production reach now, for also having banned nukes from their shores. Clearly, they’re wide awake where it all counts.

Here’s a handy chart to show from what-to-what can be done, along with quick ordering info:

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