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Cool Software

WIRECAST is my favorite multi-platform streaming and affordable over-the-top production software.  Includes green screen, live cutting, multiple cameras from almost any source, video conferencing, 3D titles, Skype, Zoom… whatever.  It’s what the UK’s Boris Johnson uses for daily updates and how anybody can look like a pro without needing anything more than a laptop or PC.  (Windows & Mac)

SCREENFLOW is simply the best all-in-one production (editing) software for Mac at a fraction of the cost of Final Cut, AVID, or Premiere.  I’ll do anything to avoid fire up massive clunkers to do what I need in a flash!  For a little over 100 bucks, you can do everything from green screens to animations.  Hammer together a video and upload directly to your favorite social media platform or your hard drive.   (Mac Only)