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SoCal Fires Relief Group

Please share this page across the greater SoCal area to help friends and neighbors.

If you feel you may have been affected by breathing any of the air over SoCal during the course of the recent fires, you are entitled to join this group action.  You may also call or text 310-737-8255 to join this group.  (Please feel free to leave your name as well as your phone number).

What: This group has been organized to bring potential legal relief to those affected by the recent deadly fires which swept through Southern California and which are believed to have started on the grounds of the Southern California Santa Susana Nuclear Testing Lab (Rocketdyne) in Simi Valley.  Sources from NPR to Physicians for Social Responsibility confirm the smoke from those fires contained dangerous radiation from the labs, including carcinogenic toxic chemicals and other substances still under investigation.  If you believe your health or how you feel has changed since breathing the Los angeles air from these fires, you are eligible to join this group.  We will contact you back by telephone or email shortly.  You may also text your name and email to: 310-737-8255

Solution:  The Exposure Group is now represented by the Los Angeles firm of The Novak Law Firm which has a successful history of helping people become victorious across a wide spectrum of accidents and incidents in which people have been often victimized through no fault of their own.   The Novak motto is: “Fighting FOR Equal Justice Under the Law”.  Attorney, Sean M. Novak has won substantial victories for both individuals and groups across a wide array of accident-related issues.

Hidden History: A nuclear reactor began a partial nuclear meltdown in 1959, when radioactive gases were purposely released (vented) over the Simi and San Fernando valleys.  Other nuclear activities, including tens of thousands of rocket-engine tests, and numerous accidents, spills, and releases led to widespread contamination of the surrounding areas with radioactive and toxic materials.  Independent studies indicate increased cancers associated with proximity to the site, and the public has been recently put at serious risk due to fire borne, aerosolized offsite migration of contaminants.

Santa Susana map showing location of fire commencement 11-27-2018
Santa Susana map showing location of fire commencement 11-27-2018

Threat Summary: The Department of Toxic Substances Control, which oversees the cleanup, committed to a full clean up by 2017, but the cleanup has been repeatedly delayed by Boeing and its partners. “DTSC and the parties responsible for cleaning up the contamination – NASA, the Dept. of Energy, and Boeing – have employed every trick in the book to evade the cleanup,” says Denise Duffield, Associate Director of Physicians for Social Responsibility-Los Angeles (PSR-LA).  “Now, much of SSFL’s toxicity has literally been ignited and sent to places near and far.”

“Though the media, as usual, denies it,” adds Harvey Wasserman (Senior Advisor to Greenpeace USA and the Nuclear Information and Resource Service), “we have every reason to believe the fire may well have spread major quantities of radiation throughout the region.”

“True to form, the California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) immediately denied there was any chance of radioactive harm to the general population.  But, as always, they issued the statement long before any significant testing was done, and have no scientific proof to deny the obvious fact that this hugely contaminated site, when swept over by a raging fire, was virtually certain to emit huge quantities of deadly poisons into the air throughout southern California.”

You may also call or text 310-737-8255 to join this group.  please feel free to share this site and phone number with anyone across the greater Los Angeles area whom you think may have been affected by breathing any of the darkened air over the course of the recent fires.

Two Videos Documenting the Meltdown & Its Effects: