• What is Reality Check Live?

    REALITY CHECK LIVE on Public Radio stations uses roguish wit, satire, and direct journalism to resist the rainfall of Fake News, bigotry, sexism, and xenophobia.  Reality Check Live gives voice to Women, LGBTQ, People of Color, Dreamers, and anyone who simply dreams of a better world.   We know that our listeners also want to be builders of this voice for Fairness, Equality, Democracy and Social Justice.  

    In today’s general corporate media climate, many people have become cynical or derailed from knowing how the machinery of the world works. We’re here to provide a platform for millions to connect and truly have each others’ backs.

  • Who is Cary Harrison?

    Cary Harrison is the founder and driving force behind Reality Check Live. He is a veteran of New York drive-time radio, CBS commentaries in Chicago, and a pioneer on SiriusXM with the first LGBT network morning show. He has decades of experience in Public Radio and social/political activism and his experience has equipped him with the skills and understanding to master the overlap between the two. Over the years, Cary Harrison has been involved with various radio projects, which have given him access to know and interview many of the nation’s leading political and social public figures.

    Cary is an award winning Public Radio host and creative consultant, and he calls Resist Radio his “ultimate passion project.” In some ways, Reality Check Live is an extension of his past work, concentrated on public engagement combined with the objective of reaching out to previously overlooked audiences while helping listeners find ways they can be more effectively involved in the systems around us.

    Harrison strongly believes in democratizing radio and providing an authentic voice for multiculturalism, inclusion, and free-flowing, unimpeded information.

  • What did President Obama have to do with this?

    “A year and a half ago, I was in the White House and met President Obama. He told me I needed to take the current marginalized tone of radio and build something positive, powerful, and entertaining that could make a difference and speak to future generations.”

    “Being handed marching orders by the President is a life-tilting experience.  You walk away knowing you’ve been given a directive, especially from a commander-in-chief who could both read and write bigly.” – Cary Harrison

  • Where can we listen to the program?

    Reality Check Live broadcasts to other stations from America’s top two radio markets: Los Angeles and New York (KPFK 90.7 FM / WBAI 99.5 FM). Our LA mothership is most powerful FM signal west of the Mississippi at 110,000 watts. The program is both an intensive half hour weekly and/or a 1 hour prime time evening broadcast, transmitted from Los Angeles and as video from our Sunset/Gower UBN Studios. We will ensure that we continue to reach new listeners by having Pacifica, college, and Indy stations across the country broadcast the programming – along with our commercial carriers who find this programming a smarter fit to their evening news hour line-up.

    Also avail on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, SoundCloud, Stitcher, Spreaker, Castbox, Amazon’s Alexa, and Tune-in’s Progressive Voices Channel: keyword “Reality Check Live” or GoHarrison. 

    Social Media: @RealityCheckLive

  • Why should we care?

    People have a right to know what is happening in the world and all around them. They have a right to self-govern, self-determine, and enjoy a balanced and fair system of government and life choices. Before things can change, regular people deserve a richer diet of relevant information and solutions. We seek to give everybody usable tools to navigate the shoals of public policy, environment, health, technology, social justice issues, and promote a more complete understanding of how their government functions, as well as their civic role and civic duty within our political system.

  • Where did the inspiration come from?

    Watching tens of thousands of young people inspired by the Sanders campaign was a clear example of a need to take action. Most remarkably was the blend of people all striving to propel a better form of governance and to forge a future worth living.  There were public discussions about under-reported stories in an edgy, head-on type of way.   With the loss of net neutrality and the corralling of news and information, it seemed time to further prevent truth decay.

  • What does Reality Check Live have that no one else has?

    Among many components, we have access to Pacifica Radio archives which are possibly the largest single collection of Public Radio archives and historical recordings in the world – from newly-discovered Dr. Martin Luther King talks to a young Bette Davis speaking about women’s rights. Reality Check Live will also be hosting “Fake News Clinics“ with TEDTalks-level speakers and experts to help us better navigate the news.  With our KPFK partner, we will be creating “K-Talks” videos to motivate, inspire, and create change.

  • What is the goal of Reality Check Live?

    The long-term goal of Reality Check Live is to build on the growing political momentum of the past two years by mobilizing a grassroots movement that activates the progressive base through the medium of radio. By facilitating a productive dialogue through grassroots politics, civics, and community education, we hope to see an increase in the political engagement among folks that make up today’s progressive coalition, especially the younger population.

    Reality Check Live will be a forum for this dialogue to take place in a high-energy, edgy, and entertaining way.

  • Who are the partners?

    The current list of potential partner organizations spans various lines of work and focus areas, and include the ACLU, the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation, LA Pride, the Lavender Effect, Stonewall Democrats, Indivisible, the California Democratic Party, Code Pink, People for the American Way, Equality Florida, Equality Armenia, and pretty much any organization that is wide-awake these days.

  • How is Reality Check Live funded?

    We are self-supported through individual contributions and growing visibility partners. In this way, we can purchase equipment and tether together our college stations and independent stations. With the recent defunding of public radio, we are back to the original intent of this fabulous medium. We encourage everyone to help build us at whatever level they’re able.

    “After all, this is Hotel Earth and everyone gets a room!” – Cary Harrison